A Little Spice

If you are not paying attention, your Marriage will become stale. Add a little spice and make it personal!

Pray Together

Write poems to one another

Remember When

Pull out the picture you love of each other

Take an intimate walk

Have an ice cream cone

Flower shopping

Horseback riding


Share a cupcake

Take a mini vacation – no children, no work

Spend the night at a hotel

Make a call to your spouse – share what you’d like to do with them

Have a class of your favorite beverage and feed each other strawberries, dipped in chocolate

Have a candlelight bathtub conversation

Say I Love You

Have a conversation leaving everyone else out of it



Add a little spice. Let your spouse know, in your special way, that you’re still there with everything they need you for. If you’re always doing something, great! However, be a little more creative once in a while.  Don’t be predictable but  spontaneous. Consequently, you will find yourself ennjoying your spouse to the fullest!
Remember this is your best friend and that should be known without gifts.  Adding a little spice also comes from a simple touch or a smile.  You know, kind and gentle words like, “I love you” or “I missed you today can be an aphrodisiac.  Giving just a little more, it’s worth it.
Looking at your spouse’s love language could help with the little spice ideas that can make you a champion in your marriage. Ultimately,  it will show as if a huge amount of time was put into it and you simply paid attention.  That unexpected smile will go a long way.
It’s not about the size or cost of something – it’s about the giving of your heart to be reminded not to take your spouse for granted.