Love Languages

Speaking and loving in the same language is not always going to be the same with both spouse.  Especially not at the same time.  Taking time to really get to know what your spouse’s love language is is an important factor in your marriage.

We are changing all the time.  Our likes or dislikes.  Our wants and desires.  But that may be the surface of it.  Look deeper into your spouse actions.  Listen to what they are saying.  Not what you want to hear but what they are saying to you with their words and by their actions.  It will tell you everything you need to know on how to love them.

Sometimes it is ignored what is being said.  Hear what you want to hear. Mind-reading – instead of activity listening, you decide what they are conveying to you.  Like anything you really like and enjoy, to master it you must put time into it.  The same is with your spouse.  To learn how they click and operate you must pay attention. 

The great thing about marriage is that is does not have to look like anyone else marriage. Meaning, there are no set rules. As long as the two of you enjoy what you are doing, when you want to do it and how you want to do it, it’s okay. Example: You want to have prayer in the morning together but your spouse get up running around and doing things. They get right up and into the day. Time goes throughout the day and there are a few hours or moments left to get some prayer time in with each other. It’s okay.  You make the rules for what works for your household.

As long as a mutual agreement can be made, you will find the peacefulness needed to maintain a heal-thy marriage.

Get to know your spouse and find out if they prefer to hear words of affirmation or if they enjoy gifts.  They may prefer quality time with you or they just want to be touched.  They may just like the acts of service.  The spoken word may not get the answer you need.  Again, pay attention!