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We offer support to families who are struggling to keep their marriages and those unable to manage conflict.



Father & Mother, Broken

Parents and children, Broken.

Broken Families

(Providing support and resources to strengthen family bonds and promote healthy relationships)



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2 As 1 Forever and the Pontiac Library are committed to fostering a vibrant, interconnected community where all individuals can flourish. To achieve this goal, they offer a range of resources and programs that support the growth and development of families and individuals. These include opportunities for relational skill-building, conflict resolution, computer literacy, and more. Both organizations are working to empower individuals and families to lead more fulfilling and successful lives by providing access to these valuable tools and skills. At the heart of this effort is a shared commitment to building stronger, more resilient communities that can weather future challenges together.

Self-Paced Packages

Don’t have time to sit with a coach each week?  These self-paced packages can help you grow and understand the betterment of yourself.  A healthy relationship is derived from a healthy person giving their best.  These Biblical teachings will give guidance, inspiration, and direction for the journeys in life.  Start today by embracing a new you!

embrace life change

Embrace Life Changes

‘Embracing life changes’ is a fresh start. With which you start with feeling better about yourself and explore yourself more to ensure that you will make the transition to change positively. Being a better version of yourself directly helps you drive a better marriage life. With this starter kit, we provide the necessary guidelines from the Word of God , which empowers you to self-heal spiritually.

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A Better You On Purpose

The self-paced spiritual healing package is one of the most demanded and liked package among my clients. It introduces you to the keys to a happier and healthier life. Moreover, my job is to provide you with vital tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle with the help of God’s words. Once you gain command on his teaching, you embrace the guidance for a lifetime, and no one can take that back from you.

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2 As 1 Forever Consultants

  • We help you rebuild your broken trust in the marriage.

  • We assist in moving beyond negative memories and beginning a healthy, joyful life.

  • We help you avoid separation and strengthen your family ties.


What They’re Saying

Our coach is very encouraging and has helped me be a forgiving person. Trusting our higher power to be the source of devine healing to forget the hurts. Looking forward with the renewing of my mind to press forward to the higher calling of Jesus Christ!


I truly enjoyed every minute of my time here. Ms. Beverly was professional and committed. I felt supported. I would recommend anyone who wants to work on themselves and their marriage. I loved most of all, that God was at the head and in the center of it all. Phenomenal work!! Words cannot express my gratitude. I found a rare gem in Ms. Beverly!

Mrs. Payne

Thanks for working with my wife and I. May God bless you and your family.


Working with 2 As 1 Forever actually saved my marriage on several occasions. I was able to take the quality, professionalism, and the great value of information received. I applied it to my relationship, everything changed for the better. Things got sweeter, I got more patience, more compassion and more and more love for my Husband (I miss him dearly, he passed away 2017, I'm so grateful I stuck it all the way out) I would recommend 2 as 1 to anyone that needs sound counseling and help with their marriage.


My marriage has and will continue to be successful with the diligent efforts to counsel and teachings from Mrs. Beverly. She gave us hope when we were hopeless in the restoration and healing of our marriage. The foundation of her coaching is the Bible that assured us it was a no fail system if followed! Thank God for her heart and calling!

Mrs Thomas

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