Weeding through the dysfunctions of marriage and coming out with a better attitude is the journey to be endured.

2 As 1 Forever is an organization that is encouraged from personal history.  A marriage, a divorce, and then remarriage to the same man make me very passionate about working with couples to overcome the many challenges that marriage can bring.  Couples coming to us that say, “fix my marriage,” find that self-work is needed to grow emotionally and spiritually.  The belief that communication in marriage can be taught to have the desires of your heart, A Better Marriage.

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"My marriage has and will continue to be successful with the diligent efforts to counsel and teachings from Mrs. Beverly. She gave us hope when we were hopeless in the restoration and healing in our marriage. The foundation of her counsel is of the Bible which assured us that it was a no fail system if followed! Thanking God for her heart and calling!!! " -S. Thomas
"Working with 2 As 1 Forever actually saved my marriage on several occasions. I was able to take the quality, professionalism, and the great value of information I received, applied to my relationship, everything changed for the better. Things got sweeter, I had more patience, more compassion and more and more Love for my Husband (I miss him dearly, he passed away 2017, I'm so grateful that I stuck it out all the way) I would recommend 2 As 1 to anyone that needs sound counseling and help with their marriage." -Sonya G.
"I truly enjoyed every minute of my time here. Ms. Beverly was professional and committed. I felt supported. I would recommend anyone who wants to work on themselves and their marriage. I loved most of all, that God was at the head and in the center of it all. Phenomenal work!! Words cannot express my gratitude. I found a rare gem in Ms. Beverly." -V. Payne

What We Will Do For You

During the consultation we will listen to your concerns to design the right program for you.

Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is for married couples, whether it’s both or individually, who are basically well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and want to make changes in their life.

How We Help You

Through the coaching process, we use tools to help you overcome trust issues, forgiveness, compromising, anger, communication, and many other obstacles that hinder you from having a wholesome marriage. Emphasis is on the individual. This is where change and growth must take place for a better marriage. We want to guide you to a place of contentment and peace for you and your marriage.

What is the process for Relationship Coaching?

  • It’s important to get to know you.  We start with a Coaching Agreement, an Intake Form, and a questionnaire that tells us how what You feel is out of order in Your marriage
  • Assignments to promote growth
  • Weekly progress report

A Better You On Purpose

This self-paced spiritual healing package is a favorite among many of my clients; as it is often times one of the keys to a happier, healthier you. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle by the Word of God. Once you complete your studies, you will embrace the guidance for your life and know where to go for all issues when they arrive..

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Embrace Life Changes

Embracing Life Changes is a fresh start. With which you start with feeling better about yourself and explore yourself more to ensure that you will make the transition to change positively. Being a better version of yourself directly helps you drive a better marriage life.

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