Embrace Life Changes



‘Embracing Life Changes’ is a fresh start. Feeling better about yourself and explore yourself to ensure you will make the transition to change positively. Being a better version of yourself directly helps you drive a better marriage life.

A spiritual healing is the tune-up I needed to get my marriage back on track after the rejoining of our marriage.   Years back into the marriage and still no peacefulness.   Ready to run, again, but then realizing marriage is so much bigger than me attempting to fix it, it’s a God thing.  Therefore, knowing I had to make it work, even though there were feelings of confusion, emptiness, and loneliness that became overwhelming.


I had to take it to the Lord, that was my only choice!

With this starter kit, we provide the necessary guidelines from the Word of God , which will empower you to self-heal spiritually. The Embracing Life Changes kit is a point of moving forward and receiving A Better You!


  • Prayer
  • 1 Chapter Study
  • 3 Biblical Writings
  • 3 Revelations
  • Self-Evaluation
  • And More