When it comes to family, Marriage is right there at the top.  As a Certified Marriage Coach, I am passionate about helping to keep marriages together.  From a marriage to a divorce to a re-marriage to the same man, I now realize how important it is to go the extra mile for a successful family.

Since communication, trust, intimacy, forgiveness and many other challenges have a way of pushing through and trying to take over,   it has become even more important to face those obstacles head on.  The great thing is, It Is Possible!

Love is the key to a successful marriage.  Being that love is an actionable observation, it must show up with intent.  The kindness, gentleness and goodness are to be present at all times.  This relationship advice comes from the experience of how to make it work with a focus on saving your marriage.  Marriage issues are not a surprise, as well as, the ups and downs.

In our practice, we put marriage first.  One on One coaching with husband and wife.  Strengthening communications is a major aspect of a healthy relationship.  Therefore, Biblical expressions are used simply because we know they work.  It is what has kept us from pushing the divorce button a second time.

    • We’ll help you to rebuild your broken trust in your marriage
    • We’ll help you to get over the negative memories of the past and start a healthy & prosperous  life
    • We will help to bring you both to a point where you leave the idea of divorce and look forward to your vision of a content and peaceful family life
What Clients Are Saying

"Working with 2 As 1 Forever actually saved my marriage on several occasions. I was able to take the quality, professionalism, and the great value of information I received, applied to my relationship, everything changed for the better. Things got sweeter, I had more patience, more compassion and more and more Love for my Husband (I miss him dearly, he passed away 2017, I'm so grateful that I stuck it out all the way) I would recommend 2 As 1 to anyone that needs sound counseling and help with their marriage."

Sonya G

"My marriage has and will continue to be successful with the diligent efforts to counsel and teachings from Mrs. Beverly. She gave us hope when we were hopeless in the restoration and healing in our marriage. The foundation of her counsel is of the Bible which assured us that it was a no fail system if followed! Thanking God for her heart and calling!!! "

S. Thomas

"I truly enjoyed every minute of my time here. Ms. Beverly was professional and committed. I felt supported. I would recommend anyone who wants to work on themselves and their marriage. I loved most of all, that God was at the head and in the center of it all. Phenomenal work!! Words cannot express my gratitude. I found a rare gem in Ms. Beverly."

V. Payne


What We Will Do For You

During the consultation, we will listen to your concerns to start the process of building a program for You.

Who is Relationship Coaching for?

Consulting is for people who are basically well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and wanting to make changes in their life

Consulting is not therapy, counseling, mental health care, or treatment for substance abuse.  The coach is not functioning as a licensed mental health professional, and coaching is not intended as a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, recovery from past abuse, professional medical advice, financial assistance, legal counsel or other professional services.

How We Help You

Through the coaching process we use tools to help you overcome trust issues, forgiveness, compromising, anger, communication and many other obstacles that hinder you from having a wholesome marriage.  Emphasis is on the individual.  This is where change and growth has to take place for a better marriage.  We want to guide you to a place of contentment and peace within your marriage.

What is the process for relationship coaching?

        1. An Intake Form, a Coaching Agreement Form and a Get To Know You Questionnaire will be sent to you and received back prior to the first session.
        2. A date and time for the coaching sessions will be determined during the Consultation.
        3. An invoice will be sent prior to each session and payment will be due 24 hours before the session begins.
        4. Coaching sessions are 1 hour per week.