The Sacrifice of Marriage. Making a sacrifice is not easy. However, when it involves something that benefits us, we are willing to be inconvenienced. Think about the temporary diet change you made to improve your health from a new diagnosis. How many times have you started exercising just to be able to fit into that glamourous outfit?

Once you accomplished the desired goal, you no longer continued to make the sacrifice of change. You made a decision to change based upon ‘me-ness’. Yet, you also decided not to continue sacrificing for a better youas a lifestyle.


Allowing ‘ME’ to be a Sacrificial Offering

Christians should learn to make a sacrifice in a relationship prior to marriage. God gave the best example and biggest sacrifice through His son, Jesus. The Bible says, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matt.16:24, NIV).

To have a relationship with God, you have to be willing to sacrifice yourself. This offering to God must occur daily and not for a temporary season. If you are not able to make a sacrifice to maintain your relationship with God, the Father, you will not do so in your marriage.


Marriage Works When ‘WE’ Are One

Although, marriage involves two unique individuals, they are united as one entity. There can no longer be a ‘what’s best for me’ mindset.  Individual sacrifices are made with a ‘we-ness’ mentality.  Therefore, it becomes a purposeful change of mindset.

God appreciates the sacrifices made in a marriage. He accepts those marital sacrifices that are made based on His Word. The goal of a marriage should not be a temporary change. Rather, marriages should seek longevity.

Ecclesiastes informs that “a cord of three strands is not easily broken” (4:12). Allow your marital offering to be as one unit to God. Place God first and watch Him bless your sacrifice!

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