Building a Divorce Proof Marriage with God

Having a divorce proof marriage should be the goal of every married couple. Some of us get off track and realize down the road that it is possible to endure.  We must focus to keep the order as designed.

Marriage is a holy institution and it is for this reason that the devil continues to maximize his efforts in trying to destroy marriages. You may experience many challenges in your marriage which sometimes seems as if it’s about to crumble. However, God, the firm foundation for building a marriage, can repair any brokenness that threatens wedlock.

Allow God to be the head cornerstone of your marriage. In Psalms 127:1, we are reminded that unless God is the builder of the house, they who build it will labour in vain. Therefore, marriage can be constructed on a solid foundation when you strategically place God at the apex of your marriage.  Husband and wife are always at the two corners.  Always be aware of God’s presence in your marriage. Remain committed to each other and remain intentional in divorce proofing your marriage.

Become Aware of God’s Presence

Being aware of the abiding presence of God in your home will certainly help to sustain and even transform marriages that are under attack.  Being aware of His presence will help to guide your conversation with each other. As you seek Him for daily guidance, you will come to enjoy peace and harmony in your marriage relationship.

Commit to Each Other

Your Marriage is a lifelong commitment.  Both partners must be determined and remain together for a lifetime.  Remain faithful to each other, have healthy conversations and invest in spending quality time with each other.

Be Intentional in Divorce Proofing Your Marriage

Don’t you be a number among the divorce statistics. Like all marriages, you too will experience challenges in your marriage. However, with God’s help you can remain unshaken as He guides you in overcoming those difficulties. After all, with God as the builder, your marriage is certainly divorce proof.

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