Newly Married

Being intentional to keep the romance alive is very important

Being intentional to invest in your marriage is what will make the difference in the long run.  In spite of the high percentage of divorce and separation in our society today, there are still many couples who continue to have successful marriages.  Many are also adopting new practices that are helping to preserve their marriages. These practices have also helped to save many that were on the verge of collapse.

Having a successful marriage takes effort as this union is a decision taken by two imperfect people who will need to invest in the relationship in order for the marriage to work. It is imperative that both partners seek to give 100% in the relationship so that the marriage can be sustainable. It’s being purposeful to invest in your marriage.  Along with strong love and commitment for each other, here are some ways in which you can invest in your marriage:


Communication is vital in the preservation of the marriage relationship.  You have entered into a partnership where each aspect of your life demands full disclosure to your partner.  Understanding the needs of your partner, whether great and small requires open communication and trust.  Each individual should strive to meet the needs of each other in order to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage relationship.

Celebrate special events

You can also express love to your partner in marriage by celebrating special occasions.  Remembering special days and choosing to celebrate really help to “spice up” the marriage. Celebrations do not always have to involve expensive dinners, gifts and flowers. Spending time with each other and exchanging love letters can also add value to the marriage.

Appreciate each moment

Marriage is a wonderful journey and it is important to appreciate each aspect of this union. Do not keep score of past mistakes and hurts, but strive to nurture the present moment in maintaining your marriage.

Investing in your marriage demands your time and effort. When you continue to keep God as the center of this holy matrimony, you will experience long lasting happiness and fulfillment in your marriage relationship.


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