For a fruitful life, all couples must follow their vision for a successful Marriage.  No or few relationships can thrive without a goal, so you must pursue a dream to make your partner feel great and provide physical and emotional support and make them feel strong. I believe, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov. 29:18 KJV). If you want to live a successful life, pay attention to unconditional love, which creates a strong bond between the two souls. Love always blossoms when you pay attention to each area.  It gives their vision a place to thrive in the success of the Marriage.


Divorce proofing your marriage must be intentional acts to stay focused.  The following are the areas that need your attention to ensure love continues to grow between couples:


 If you want to keep your marriage bond strong, show passion and affection towards your partner because this aspect of love fulfills both the “sensual” and “physical” needs of the spouses. But couples often overlook this feeling.  However, it is a vital element in keeping the marriage bond strong.

Couple enjoying the moment


 Intimacy is not just about fulfilling one’s desires; it is based on many phases. It involves the “emotional” and “relational” aspect of one’s being. Spouses with a high level of intimacy often refer to each other as their “best partner” or “best friend” and “soul mate.”


If you are committed to your partner, it means you are having a successful married life, as commitment is the key factor in a healthy marriage. Commitment is about giving unconditional love and support to your partner willingly and without any coercion. You may have made such a commitment before but don’t remember it now. It is about deciding to be by your spouse’s side to love and honor them in “health and wellness” as well as in “bad days and sickness.” So it’s a good idea to reflect on the vows you’ve already made and follow through.

Make deposits in a love bank

Just as you can’t withdraw money from the bank without depositing it, you can’t withdraw emotional help and support from your love bank without depositing it. But here, love is more about deposits than withdrawals. According to a recent study, it takes a couple between four and twenty positive interactions to eliminate one negative interaction. Many marital conflicts begin when one spouse develops a sense of being “used” – where one is always giving while the other is only taking. There is no equableness in marriage. Being there for where or what ever the need is produces a reminder of a healthy vision for successful marriage.

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