Marriage being an intimate personal union, to which a man and woman consent, consummated and continuously nourished by sexual intercourse, and perfected in a life-long partnership of mutual love and commitment.  It is also a social establishment regulated by the Word of God and by the laws and customs which a society develops to safeguard its own stability and happiness.

Nature and Purpose of Marriage is an order of creation.  The Creator made man and woman, displaying His full image only as both man and woman.  Each is made of the other, their essential natures being complementary, and brought into oneness in marriage.  (Gen 2:24)

Marriage is the sacrament of human society.  Husband and wife both share and perpetuate their happiness in having and rearing a family within the domain of their own love.  Marriage is more than an end in itself; it is the means to ends outside the married couple.  The unity of husband and wife is of God’s creative will, for from Him come the love and grace which enable them to grow together in life partnership, to produce children and to fulfill their responsibilities toward their children and to society as a family unit.  Husband and wife become one in relation to the community, so that through marriage a new social unit emerges.  

Distinctly Christian marriage is one in which husband and wife covenant together with God and publicly witness their commitment not only to each but together to Him, to the end that they shall in unity fulfill His purposes throughout life (1Cor 7:39)

Marriage is contracted in the Lord, “received as a divine vocation, acknowledged with humility and thanksgiving, and sanctified by the Word of God and prayer (I Tim 4:4-5)

The Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary – The Southwestern Company, Nashville, TN 1968


Love is an action word. Loving your spouse is a daily choice.  Love may start out as a good feeling, but to love someone long-term is an act of the will.  It means loving someone even when they may not be lovable at that particular moment.  Your spouse is your best friend.  Enjoy being with each other, spoil each other, think about each other, pray for each other, encourage each other.

Husbands – love your wife; Wife – submit to your husband – I Peter 3:1  “In the same way, you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good News, your godly lives will speak to them without any words. They will be won over.” 

Love is a Decision.  A decision to stay connected when things are not at it’s best.  Love is knowing that perfectness does not exist with anyone.  Love is finding ways to overcome obstacles that may slow you down from time to time.  It is having respect from one adult to another and choosing to accept the good and the bad of your spouse.


Love embraces a sexual fulfillment with one another that will play an important part when temptation arises.

The union is more than physical, for from it emerges a spiritual gift and knowledge.  And it is not a mere fact of nature; therefore, man is not in bondage to it.  Rather, sex is a divine gift within a devine vocation, marriage, and as such it is subject to man’s freedom and moral responsibility toward God the Giver.  Such fulfillment is both the need and the right of husband and wife alike (I Cor 7:4).

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