Start with New Expectations

Start with new expectations. Marriage is a permanent and sacred relationship and husbands and wives should strive to work on areas that need improvements.  An effort to keep their union intact. There may be times when situations can seem like they are irreparable but it’s always important to remember that “Love endures all things…Love never fails.” 1 Cor 13:7-8

Marriage is the union of two imperfect people. If both parties assured their willingness to give their 100% effort, under the guidance of God in the marriage, then the marriage will be sustained.  Few bad habits identified in your spouse cannot be erased in an instant, therefore, it’s so

New Expectations

Expecting greater than before

important to avoid negative perceptions in your marriage.  Be patient and gentle with each other and also strive to highlight the positives.  By doing this, you will start to experience significant changes in your marriage.

Avoid Negative Perceptions 

A good marriage cannot be established and sustained on negative perceptions. You cannot continue to have negative views about your partner’s actions, motives, words and conduct and expect to enjoy a happy marriage.  This negative conduct can also affect the good intentions of your spouse.

Be Patient and Gentle with your Spouse

Your role in helping to develop each other is important in marriage.  As you seek to assist each other in being a better individual, it’s always important to remember that bad habits do not disappear overnight.  Be gentle and patient with your spouse – correct each other in love, offer commendations on improvements identified, whether great or small.

Highlight the Positives

Your partner may have faults and flaws but do not allow the devil to trick you into believing that it is best to walk away from a great individual whose good habits far outweighs the bad habits. Focus on the positives and highlight them in an effort to express your love and appreciation for each other.

Stay committed to each other, you can survive any storm together, with the help of the Lord.


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