Diffuse the situation. All marriages experience conflicts.  However,  overcoming conflict leads to stronger marriages. There’s no combative situation in marriage that God is unable to resolve.  He specializes in the transformation and renewal of marriages. True love does not provide the option to walk away. In order to keep the union intact, both individuals should choose to engage good communication strategies in resolving conflicts.  Be forgiving and remain optimistic.

Employ Good Communication Strategies

Good communication is vital in conflict resolution in marriage.  Oftentimes, words are uttered which cannot be retracted and this can aggravate a situation.  Therefore, do not invite the devil by remaining silent about issues that should be addressed. Also, don’t seek revenge or utter unkind words which can affect your spouse’s self-esteem.

Choose an appropriate time and place for healthy dialogue. In other words, listen to each other as you allow your spouse to communicate freely in addressing the situation.  “Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger”. James 1:19

 Be Forgiving

An important aspect of conflict resolution in marriage is forgiveness. Do not be afraid to apologize to your partner.  Three golden words, “I am sorry,” can significantly preserve and enhance your marriage. Be patient with your spouse and choose to forgive each other, especially when pardon is requested.

Remain Optimistic

Your marriage is a lifelong commitment.  Even within challenges  remain optimistic, knowing that you both have decided to make the marriage work. Therefore, do not entertain outside influences, especially when there is no marriage of comparison.   Subsequently, seek God’s intervention in resolving conflicts in your marriage.

The success of your marriage is dependent on how well you handle conflicts. There’s no complication that is too hard for God to solve.   Thankfully,  with God as the mediator, on is not alone in their battle.   God will allow a marriage to thrive when seeking to create an environment of love, forgiveness and hope.  This will be a positive when you choose to diffuse the situation.



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