When help is needed, it's good to know someone is there.

The greatest helper forever.  It isn’t just a statement to be made; it’s an action to live. One of the best lessons on how to enjoy married life is to stay friends with your spouse. Being friends and being partners have particular connotations essential to the marriage arrangement.

There is a Reason for Partners

Partners are there for each other, make decisions, and create a healthy, happy, functioning life together. These are all important aspects of married life. But friends laugh together; they plan to go to events, have dinner, and explore the world. Friends have fun, share hobbies and jokes, and can’t wait to talk to each other.

You will have the best of both worlds by remaining friends, being one another’s greatest helper, and staying happy in your marriage. Besides, best friends love one another unconditionally. Being kind and gentle continues throughout the relationship when looking at someone else feelings.

Once a friendship is taken to another level that involves intimacy, falling in and out of love multiple times during a lifelong relationship can be expected. There will be those moments of remembrance of the little things and how much you love your spouse. They have become the greatest helper forever.

Don’t Let Go

Always considering the most excellent helper in life tends to remove some complications from how one converses with another. Holding hands, cuddling, and being lovers lends a sense of contentment and peacefulness that only a true friendship can give. It will allow for a place of happiness and joy within to continue the journey.

Friends share compliments. Words to build another person up when it’s obvious there is a low point in the midst. Forgiveness, trust, and compassion are significant in being best friends forever.

Always Be Intentional

It is with the intent to overcome mishaps in marriage to maintain the friendship that was there in the beginning.  Choose to remain friends.  Allow the low points to be the avenue to learn something new about your spouse or to make adjustments.



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