Overcome the struggles in marriage. Struggles in marriage are going to happen. Even Christian marriages aren’t perfect. This may surprise you, but even those in a Christian marriage will face trials and tribulations. There is a misconceived notion that Christians are totally perfect in their marriage. Looking from the outside, it adds to that misconstrued notion.

Feeling alone, angry, and upset with your spouse has nothing to do with being a Christian. It is the response to human emotions.  Those feelings seem to get in the way of peacefulness and joy.

Many times, there is a struggle going on inside.  It can prevent one from letting go and allowing themselves to experience freedom.  Look here at some possible struggles that could be the real culprit.


Unforgiveness is the house of bondage. No matter what attempts are made to get over a situation, the burden of unforgiveness continues.  Years of anguish due to uncontrollable life journeys and mistakes made are not to be the ruler of choosing to move forward with a positive mindset. The Bible makes it clear that we all need to practice forgiveness. Harboring pain and resentment can lead to hopelessness.  Choose to forgive, and healing can begin.


Communication can be a huge challenge in marriage. It occurs more often when the day-to-day conversation becomes of no meaning. Good and meaningful conversations can go on the schedule just like everything else.  How to make it happen isn’t as important as being intentional for it to happen.  Good communication allows for you and your spouse to be heard.  Clearly hear the concerns of one another to avoid misunderstandings and move forward with hope. When respect is given, love, kindness, and gentleness will follow.


Pride can destroy a good marriage.  It refuses to bend and see another person’s value for what they know and can teach.  It’s difficult to love someone when the conversation is always to be critical of one another. The pretense of knowing it all hinders growth and gives the perception of perfectness.  The Word tells us that whoever has not sinned to cast the first stone.  However, humility means accepting the truth that you are not always right, and some growth can come from your spouse.

Don’t look for faults in your marriage.  Learn to compromise and work together as husband and wife.


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