The Marriage Box

The marriage box. Many people approach marriage with a set image in their minds. They imagine it as a captivating box of precious treasures, filled to the brim with the things their hearts have always desired. These desires may include the comforting feeling of companionship, the profound connection of intimacy, and the happiness found in friendship, among many other valued traits. This common misconception creates a perfect image of marriage, implying that it automatically grants these cherished qualities to the couple, thereby fulfilling their deepest desires.

Deposited Elements

The concept of the “marriage box” signifies the importance of investment in a relationship. It’s like a metaphorical box where you deposit elements like love, understanding, patience, and mutual respect. The more you put in, the more you can take out when necessary. However, if the box is empty because you haven’t put anything in, you can’t expect to take anything out. It emphasizes the principle of mutuality in marriage, suggesting that you receive what you contribute. Understanding and practicing this concept can lead to a fulfilling and balanced relationship.

The Right Treasures

Learn the art of marriage and form the habit of giving, loving, serving, and praising to keep the box full.  Consistency with giving the marriage box the right treasures can only set marriage up for success.


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