Why Marriage Matters

Why marriage matters. Marriage is the joining of a man and woman in a lifelong covenant patterned on Christ’s relationship with the church. A covenant is a sacred relationship bond between two parties, ratified by a commitment to an oath. Covenant is the “invisible” foundation that makes longer-term marriage possible.  It is the secret to unlocking the secrecy of “oneness” and the delight of fulfillment. Covenant demands the death of two wills and the birth of one. “I” becomes “we,” never to be separated.  We find that in Matthew 19:6 – “what God has joined together let no man separate.”


Marriage and the ceremony are paired together as sacraments at the service of the Christian community.  Marriage as a sacrament is supported by Eph 5:32 This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. The marriage relationship is linked to the gospel and described with the term “mystery” – the unknown.

Continue to Go Forward

Therefore, when the question is asked, “Why does Marriage Matter?” it is because the perfectness of God, in all His splendor, has given us family.  The family here on earth is a unit to have trust, comfort, love, care, happiness, and belonging. Family is the relationship that we share from the moment we are born into this world. People that take care of us and help us grow. Because of the marriage, we identify with the family. It becomes part of the lifeline to continue to go forward.  Allowing the purging of self to serve one another, as Jesus served. With a whole heart to give God all the glory.  And the design of marriage is for a continuous replication to procreate.

Agape’ Love

The expression of love reigns at its fullest when communicated correctly. The kind of love God gives us –unconditional, selflessness, giving without expectation, showing up – just because;
Agape’ love.  It’s an opportunity to show His Spirit in us at all times. The joining of two by the master designer, for a lifelong union.


Marriage confirms the perfect design of oneness that is to be displayed throughout this earthly being which glorifies the work of the Lord.

–– to God be the Glory


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