Stay Focused on the Problem at Hand

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Stay focused. Whether it’s a strong marriage or weak marriage, all marriages experience conflict. However, all marriages can be strengthened as a result of engaging in good conflict resolution strategies.  A beautiful garden can become unattractive if the weeds are not controlled as soon as they are identified.  It’s the same with a marriage if problems are left unattended.   Consequently, further complications will develop.

Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Ephesians 4:26kjv

Marriage is a partnership, and each individual should work towards building and preserving this matrimonial relationship. In addressing conflicts, choose to resolve conflicts as soon as possible, attack the problem and not the person, stay focused, and don’t become sidetracked.

Seek Immediate Resolution

Addressing problems in marriage as soon as possible is extremely important. It is unhealthy to harbor bitterness, revenge, unforgiveness, and anger towards each other.  These negative emotions can wreak further havoc in your marriage and also heighten your stress level.  Decide to confront and resolve problems as soon as possible to restore peace and calm.

Attack the problem, not the person, Stay Focused

In resolving conflicts, choose to address the problem at hand and not your partner.  Blaming one another when attempting to resolve and issue will only prolong the results.  Choosing to participate in the blame game can significantly affect the love and passion in your marriage relationship.

Do not become sidetracked

Stay focused on the issue at hand and do not become sidetracked.   It is important to address the issue that is before you instead of engaging in arguments that are already resolved.  Your main goal is to solve the problem at hand by ensuring the health and sustainability of your marriage.

Eliminate distractions by turning off the TV, silence the phone and find the right time of day to have a meaningful conversation. Choose to nurture and protect your marriage as you seek to bloom joyfully.


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