Expect to blow it. We are all broken in different ways; some are more broken than others are. Most times, our wounds reflect in the way we approach life. The more wounded a person is, the more demands they put on life and the people around them. As humans, we develop a defense mechanism to protect us from more hurt, and this comes with demanding a type of perfection from everything. We start to demand absolute trust, complete kindness and total respect. But very often, we tend to discover we can’t always get perfection from everything and everyone.

Perfection is a trait to attain

Perfection is a trait to attain over a gradual process and period. Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48. The Bible in the book of Matthew instructs all Christians to strive towards perfection. The scripture understands our imperfect nature as humans but encourages us that perfection is not impossible. By consciously working with the Holy Spirit, we start to notice transformations in our character and we begin to develop godly attributes, just like our father in heaven. It’s okay not to get it right all the time. It’s okay not to understand why you can’t get it right.

Expect to blow it

Expect to blow it. Anticipate to ruin it all, expect people to blow it too. Our human nature continues to lean towards imperfections and struggles. Understanding this allows you to love fully and wholeheartedly. Love is possibly the only thing that can transcend our imperfections and personal struggles. Love covers over a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8). According to the book of Peter, love can cover many sins. Love can cover many imperfections; you can even dare to say love can heal all our wounds and brokenness. Remember, it was love that brought Jesus into the world to die. The intense love of the father found expression through Jesus to heal our infirmities. In the same way, through us, love finds expression and can cover the many sins of multitudes.

Learn from mistakes

We are not supposed to fight our imperfections but to learn from them. We must learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Mistakes will happen, expect them and learn from them. Every person is different in many ways. Some people need to make mistakes to understand the right way. Some people need other people who have made mistakes to show them the right way. Others learn from their failures and experiences. When we show ourselves love and show love to others, it becomes easier. Love allows us to understand that our mistakes do not define us. With love, we can avoid inflicting traumas on others and ourselves.

To sum it up, encourage others and yourselves. Tell yourself that your mistakes do not define you. Speak to your wounds and show them that they needed to happen to point you in the right direction. Expect people to disappoint you because we are all human. Face every challenge with a heart filled with the love of God and an understanding that all things are working for your favor.


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