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Search for solutions. The desire to create harmony within marriage should be a partnership responsibility. It is normal to encounter conflicts in marriage.  A commitment of each spouse to use the necessary skills in resolving conflicts will allow peace.

There’s no conflict within your marriage that God is unable to resolve. With God as your constant mediator, you can seek to adopt good communication strategies.  In addition, strive to live in oneness and continue to remain positive.

Adopt Good Communication Strategies

Good communication is vital to the success of a marriage. Be kind and respectful to your spouse.  Listen carefully and seek to avoid hurtful words that could trigger bitterness.  In the same fashion, remain open with each other especially in areas of intimacy and finances.  Finances continue to be one of the major causes of conflicts within marriage.  Couple’s need to continue to seek avenues in establishing mutual trust and understanding.

Live in Oneness

So then, they are no longer two but one flesh…Matthew 19:6.  Husband and wife are one and should aim to live in one accord. Selfishness in marriage is a weapon of destruction within the sacred union.  Therefore, both partners should strive to achieve spiritual, financial, physical and emotional oneness.

Remain Positive

Maintaining the right attitude is highly recommended in resolving issues in marriage. Your commitment in making this union a permanent relationship should be the goal of both partners. It’s easy to get distracted with attacks of the enemy or outside influences.  In other words, continue building and maintaining this marital union.

Stay committed to each other.  Seek to find solutions while maintaining  happiness and contentment within your marriage, also. Remember, also, that you can put your trust in a perfect God who will continue to work on your imperfections.

As a reminder, take a look at Ephesians 4:15 Speak the truth in love

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