Overcoming Financial Conflicts in Marriage

Manage finances in a Marriage is crucial

Focus on expenses in Marriage

Financial Conflicts. Many conflicts that arise in marriage are a result of money management or lack of. There are sometimes arguments over “my” money, “our” money, who spends too much or who spends too little. While these problems may develop in your marriage, there is still  good news.   Successful money management can contribute to the development of a peaceful and happy marriage.

Money matters in a marriage. understanding each partner’s money personality is also vital to the sustainability of the marital union. Developing strategies that will assist in healthy money management can also contribute to the health and well-being of your marriage, significantly.

Money Matters in Marriage

Financial security is an important ingredient in marriage.  Money is a vital resource.  To ensure a healthy, happy and maintain the basic needs of a household adequate finance are necessary. Discussing money management prior to marriage is encouraged. This will  contribute to the comfort and contentment of the family.

Understanding Money Personalities

Whether one partner is a spendthrift and the other a miser, it is important to understand the money personality of each individual. Being able to identify these distinct ways of dealing with money can help to eliminate money issues that may arise. Regardless of your personality or background in spending money, this is no excuse to become controlling  with your spouse.  Therefore, make wise decisions which will contribute to the practicality of your marriage.

Money Management Strategies

“Two flesh becomes one” (see Genesis 2:24) is a decision you’ve taken when you enter into a marriage relationship. Financial partnership is crucial to the success of your marriage. In marriage, it now becomes necessary to eliminate the use of “my” money but recognizing that it is now “our” money.

Sometimes the wife or husband has greater budgetary or financial skills. Therefore, those good skills should be utilized in ensuring smooth financial planning.

Always show love and respect to your spouse as you work together in wise financial management. Live, laugh and enjoy the blessings of your ability to earn and maintain your family.

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