Love Languages: Journey towards a love filled, happy marriage

Dr Gary Chapman in his book for couples, “The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” expresses that everyone has a different way of saying, ‘I love you.’ According to Dr. Chapman, each person has a primary and a secondary love language, how we give and how we receive love.

Dr. Chapman, and other relationship experts all agree that when love is expressed, individuals in a relationship feels appreciated and the relationship grows as partners are happier together. Chapman notably points out that a busy schedule, time spent doing other things can leave love as feeling forgotten .  However, a lasting relationship requires no “gimmicks and no psychoanalyzing to flourish. Consequently, the need is for couples to speak to each other using their God given love language. Your natural spousal love language.

The five primary love language, according to Dr. Chapman are:

Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation is love expressed verbally. Some people want to hear it and others love to say it.

Quality Time

Quality time for some, it’s all about the time spent together.

Physical touch

Don’t’ just tell me, one would say, embrace me and I will stay.


“Memories alone won’t do, let me count the gifts you’ve given and I surely will believe you” says another.

Acts of Service

For others it is not what’s said but rather what is done. Don’t tell me,  just show me.

So, do you know your love language and love expression? Each person in a marriage should be aware of their own and their partner’s love styles. Therefore, don’t be afraid to dig in. A  deeper marriage with love and affection requires the following steps. Answer these questions and begin to receive and give love the way you were meant to:

  1. How do you feel most comfortable showing love?
  2. What are the most natural and common ways your partner says, “I love you”?
  3. How would you like your partner to show you love?

Consequently, to the above, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what your marriage needs.  The Song of Solomon gives us an outpour of intimate love. Feel free to check it out!



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